Annapolis Compost


Meats, Bones, Fish & Such

We're proud to collect an extensive range of compostables that includes all things organic, even those you don't want in your backyard compost pile. Some of them would attract critters (e.g. any sort of meat) while others would simply not break down, such as compostable tableware. We'll have more on compostable tableware and its public perception vs. the way it actually works soon.

Today, we'd like to share some tips on composting meat, bones and fish with us, especially as it is getting hotter. Higher temperatures speed up the rotting process and make your bucket more delectable to little life forms – if the smells get out.

First of all, we recommend keeping any such scraps in the freezer until the night before collection in order to minimize odors in your bucket. If you don't want to keep them in the freezer, dispose of them right in the bucket and screw the lid on tight. This is especially important if you are keeping your bucket outside - always make sure the lid is closed as tightly as possible. In any case, even if you prefer to throw them in your caddy, it's a good idea to wrap those kinds of scraps tightly in newspaper – a) to soak up the excess moisture and b) to keep potential takers at bay.

Our buckets are smell-safe by design, but for maximum benefits the most important thing to keep in mind is screw the lid on tight and you won't have any problems.


Karl Schrass