Annapolis Compost

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Compost?

Composting diverts food scraps from landfills and incinerators, thus reducing the amount of methane produced when organic matter decomposes in landfills. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas twenty-five times more potent than CO2 and a major contributor to global warming. In landfills, organic waste in combination with other contaminants may also generate leachate, an acidic liquid than can seep into and pollute our groundwater. By choosing to compost, you will reduce your environmental footprint, thus contributing to the protection of our planet.

What Can I Compost?

For a list of acceptable materials, please refer to our list of compostables.

What's the Set-Up?

After signing up, we will provide you with a three gallon kitchen caddy as well as a five gallon bucket for pick-up. You can keep the kitchen caddy on your counter and collect your food scraps in it. Once the kitchen caddy is full (the frequency of this depends on the amount of compostables you produce), you will throw the bag in the bucket, which we will come and empty once a week. Your bucket will be lined with a new bag every week, the kitchen caddy you'll equip with a new bag yourself as needed. We'll provide you with 15 of those during the first pick-up of each month.

What Happens with my Scraps?

We will take all food scraps to a local composting facility that will turn them into rich soil for us. You will be able to get some of that soil back – see next question!

Will I Get Compost Back?

Yes! You will get an allotment of 5 lbs. of compost back twice a year. If you do not have a use for it, you can choose to donate it to community or school gardens, further making a positive impact on our city.

They won’t! Our kitchen caddy is designed in a way that allows for maximum ventilation, thus reducing smells to a bare minimum. Once the caddy is full, you can transfer its contents to your bucket – our gamma seal lids prevent any odors from seeping out. This means you can either keep the bucket in your house or on your balcony or garage. No smell means no unwelcome pests!

Won't the Bucket and Caddy Get Smelly?

Put your bin outside the night before your scheduled collection date. It needs to be visible and accessible from the street.

Where and When Should I Leave the Bucket for Pick-Up?

For our kitchen caddies, we recommend using 3 gallon food scrap bags from BioBag. BioBags are sold nationally at Whole Foods and Petco stores, but you can also order them online from the following retailers:,,,,,,,,,,, and

Where Can I Buy Extra Bags for my Kitchen Caddy?

Sure! If you’re going away for work or play, we’ll be happy to temporarily suspend your account. Just let us know at You will not be charged during that time.

Can I Suspend my Service When I Go Away?

We are currently serving the 21401, 21403, 21409, 21012 & 21146 zip codes. We will be expanding soon, let us know where we should come to next by filling out this form.

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